To whom it may concernI am currently doing my community service in the field of Radiation Therapy. I…

To whom it may concern

I am currently doing my community service in the field of Radiation Therapy. I have taken 3 months maternity leave (January-March) which I was entitled to in terms of my employment contract as well as received approval from the ICSP.

According to my employment contract maternity leave does not in any way extend the period of community service as I am appointed at Addington from the 2 Jan to the 31st December even though I was on maternity leave for the first 3 months. I would like to receive clarity on this matter as the AD at Addington Hospital strongly believe that I should work 12 months before he can sign my HPCSA form.

In addition, one of my class mates who studied the same course as me is currently doing their community service in CPT. She only started in April because she was on maternity leave as well. According to her, her AD has signed her HPCSA form. I personally feel that it is unfair that one person is expected to work 12 months and the other can work 9 months. The rules should apply to everyone not only me.

Please note: The AD at Addington Hospital had already spoken to HR to extend my contract by 3 months, however they have indicated that the 3 months that I am employed at the hospital will be without pay as I had already been paid for the three months that I was on maternity leave.

I urgently need assistance as I am unaware what my plans for next year are.


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