Good dayEarlier this year we handled a vehicle sale for my brother in law. The vehicle was dealer st…

Good day

Earlier this year we handled a vehicle sale for my brother in law.  The vehicle was dealer stocked on our business name as we are registered at the lisencing authority as a dealer.  Frustrating as it was, I handled all the correspondence with the bank and completed all the relevant paperwork.  Because it is family, we did it benefiting nothing out of the deal.When the money was paid into our account by the bank, I asked my brother in law for his banking details.  We tried a few days but could not get hold of him, eventually emailing his secretary.  I received banking details, and my husband phoned his brother confirming the name of the account as it was in the name of C Langeveldt.  We did not confirm the account number as my brother in law said to pay over the money as he owed this person money.On 9 May I paid over R85 000.00.  Two weeks later my brother in law wanted to know where the money was, and I sent him the proof of payment and email I received from his secretary.  It was then discovered that the email was hacked (on my brother in law’s side) and details changed. He then told me that this happened to him before, but he was lucky enough to recover the money.I then made a fraud case at the SAPS, and then with ABSA who in turn opened the case with FNB.  So I’m not very well loved as you can imagine.  Just after all this happened I found out that my brother in law opened accounts for all his workers, not for their use, but to hide money.  This was one of those accounts.  According to my brother in law’s ex wife, she found out about these accounts after their divorce.  He used these accounts to hide money so that it could not be used in the divorce settlement.I’ve shed a lot of tears about this money as I do not have it to pay back.  Up to now my brother in law kept on reminding me that by law I will be held accountable for the money.  What can I do in this case? Obviously I don’t want to have a family fight, but he already insunated that we are on the way there.  A few months ago he told me he was thinking of writing off the money as the vehicle was sold to my sister in law, and he never really expected to even get paid for it.Unfortunately, my brother in law can be very mean and loves to play on emotions.  He knows I’m soft and instead of talking to my husband, he targets me the whole time.FNB did inform me today that the money was drawn from the account before my brother in law realised it in time to freeze the account.  I don’t know the law very well, and cannot find a lot on Google.  

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