Good morning.My wifes Dad has passed away and the Exectuor is the personcompany who also did the acc…

Good morning.

My wifes Dad has passed away and the Exectuor is the person/company who also did the accounting for his business. I have the appointment of Accounting Officer letter, but there is no term to the contract. It was signed by the accountant 12/9/09. There is no signature from my wifes Dad. But the man has done the job since then, so it would be enforceable. After the estate is wound up the will says he should carry on accounting for and managing the business. My wifes Mom survived her Father by more than 30 days (he passed away early 2018) and it is clear in that circumstance that she can execute a new will as the current one was a joint will. For one reason and another she (and my wife who has the mandate to manage her affairs) wish to dismiss the accounting firm. They have not performed, but to prove that would be long and costly, so the way I read it is that we can terminate the contract because there is a para in the appointment letter. ‘This letter will be effective for future years unless it is terminated, amended or suspended. I really just want to know what the corect notice period would be due to precedent or common law…..Many thanks

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