Hi there, I recently had to replace the clutch on my BMW. After countless hours of calling around an…

Hi there, 

I recently had to replace the clutch on my BMW. After countless hours of calling around and research looking for a “bmw” specialist who could do the job effectively and timeously, I thought I had found the place I was looking for. 

The repair centre in question is called BW sports and accessories. After some talk over the phone and over WhatsApp, the manager of BW sports and accessories assured me that the clutch replacement would be done properly, timeously, and that the whole “clutch kit” would be replaced. After having my car there for 2 days, I received it back in good order – or so I thought. After 3 weeks the clutch failed miserably while on my way to a client meeting ( cause irreparable damage to my career ). I phoned BW sports and complained, they said that the clutch had a 6-month warranty and that I could come by in the next few coming days for an assessment. After the assessment, I was told by the “manager” – Timothy – that his staff had replaced the clutch with the wrong part! Timothy assured me that they were going to replace it with the correct part this time. So I proceeded to leave my car there for another 2 days. 

4 weeks later (present time), I was driving down the road when I had a catastrophic clutch failure from the “new” clutch which was just installed by BW sports and accessories. Following this, I had to get my car towed to an independent mechanic who did an assessment for me and found that the flywheel ( which was replaced and paid for ) was worn beyond repair, the clutch kit that was installed was clearly very used. 

I am now sitting with thousands out of pocket from BW sports and accessories.

I would love some advice on this matter. 

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