Good day SirMy name is Shawn. I received a call from a debt Collection agent regarding a Loan which …

Good day Sir

My name is Shawn. I received a call from a debt Collection agent regarding a Loan which I took out in 2010 at SA Multi Loan. I told the agent that I on’t re-call takeing a loan out with the provider. I requested that the agent to please get more details. 2 days later the agent called again and stated that they have received the documents. I requested for them to email me, but the agent bluntly refused stating it is not legal to send email and pushed to meet in person. I asked how is it not legal to forword the documents to me as I’m the plaintiff.

I did further investigation as the debt collector as all my details and as I did not re-call such a loan. I went thorugh my email histor and found Mei 2014 I received a email from Shapiro Shaik Devries Attorneys regarding the same issue. I requested full history statement which they provided. I inform them per email that I don’t re-call of taking out loan with SA Multi Loan in 2010.

After the calls last week I did more investigation and called SA Multi Loans, where they indicated that I took a R1700 loan on the 06/10/2010, and this also reflects on the statement I received Shapiro Attorneys. But what is alaming according to the statement, on the 23/09/2010 a R4632 “Takeon Balance” was added. 2 weeks before I (what they stat) took out the loan

I strongly believe that I did not take out the loan as I would have known about it.

What is it that I can do? As the agent is “threatening” of Garshnee order accorning to Section 53

I don’y feel comfortable about this meeting in person and cannot unsterstand how it is illegal to send documents via email which is related to me

Your advise would be highly appreciated



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