Good dayI’m hoping you could guide me. I have been married for 23 years and during these years and p…

Good day

I’m hoping you could guide me. I have been married for 23 years and during these years and prior to our marriage my wife was unfatihful to me on a few occassions. I have remained committed to her as i love her and our children deeply. Last year in January she got involved an unhealthy relationship with a clolleague. They maintain that there was no sexual engagement but just kissing and regular meetings and electronic communication of an emotional nature. I thought we had managed to put an end to this behaviour , but it has resurfaced again this weekend that they are still engaging with Flirtatious communication. I had previously wrned my wife that if she was unfaithful to me I would seek a divorce. Having said that i feel that the latest interactions probably don’t justify the extreme step of a divorce. As i am still deeply committed to and love her dearly. I am also concerned that this is placing undue emational strain on my health.

At this stage i am also wanting to bring this relationship to the attention of her colleagues wife s well.

Furthermore i am wondering if i could approach a lawyer to state that should the relationship not end immediately I will have no alternative to file for a divorce. Alternatively if she is unhappy in our marriage she must inform me and we can arrange to be divorced as I no longer want to be in a marriage where she is not committed to me. Additionally any future acts of unfaithfulness on her part with any external parties would result in me filing for a divorce. 

She says she loves me and doesnt want to get divorced but I’m hoping that a lawyers letter will show that I have now had enough and can no longer tolerate any infidelities on her part.

Thank you


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