Good dayI am in serious need of advice please.Was divorced just over 2 years ago. She wanted the div…

Good day

I am in serious need of advice please.

Was divorced just over 2 years ago. She wanted the divorce and I convinced her to try again. The plan was then to go ahead with the divorce and start over. I made everything very easy to get the divorce done. Even her attourney said he cannot believe haw easy it is.

So basically I end up still paying for everything as normal. Only the support became extra. This amount is very high but was told at that time by my ex not to worry because we know what we are doing. Then the divorce was settled and she said no, she is not doing it and I must go. So I was left for a sucker. 

Now she knows excactly I cannot pay the full amout of support, it is impossible. So she agreed verbally that I pay at least the childrens share. She does not worry about her share, which I have been doing or trying to do their full amount.

Few weeks ago she phoned again about the support. I asked her to give me at least 2 months as I am sorting out financial issues to be able to give more. Now I was summonsed by a court letter that I must give all the outstanding money and sheriff of the court was at my place to look at property to take to make up the money. Only item that can be is my car. If I dont have a car, I cannot get to work to get paid. All my things on my name is in the house where she is staying.

So please help, I need advice on what to do with this.



Morne Hanekom

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