Hi,I’m looking for advice regarding a new development I purchased.I purchased this property in…


I’m looking for advice regarding a new development I purchased.

I purchased this property in November last year, at that time construction was completed. I started my bond application process in December and was approved in January.

Since then, now 2.5 months later I’m having to go back and forth with the bond attorneys as my bond is still not registered. I’m now forced to pay occupational rent.

Since I moved into the place I’ve noticed water marks on the walls, cracks around the windows, broken tiles, uneven tiling and many others.

In order for them to fix those snags I’m forced to take days off work as they will not fix them at my convenience.

Are these things common? Is there any legal stand for me to charge them my lost revenue to take time off to fix far more than cosmetic snags?

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