Hi,My mother jointly bought a house with her husband of 4 years, where he promised to pay her back h…


My mother jointly bought a house with her husband of 4 years, where he promised to pay her back his share as he was waiting on some money. They were married in A.N.C. She paid her half upfront and then, s a etmporary measure, she used her access bond on our primary home to settle the rest, keeping in mind he would pay her at some point. He didnt, she passed away, leaving us, her heirs, with debt on our primary home. We thus had to settle to avoid the bank foreclosing on our family home.

He took the keys for the secondary house and has been living there since her death, also renting out the majority of the house, of which we have proof. The estate is now ready to be closed, but for that to happen he has to provide the deed and sign some document with the executor. He is refusing, has made various threats. He also says he wats to buy us out but also has claims for renovations he made while living there.

My questions:

We inherited half and paid for the rest. Can we claim this?

At the worst, we should have a claim for half of the outstanding debt that we settled, but we would need forensic accounting to show that debt in primary bond was due to purchase of secondary home?

Can we claim for half of rental income he was receiving over course of 6 years?

We have spnet too much on the house and so will not agree to him buying us out. What are the alternaives?

How can we force his hand to bring the deed and sign papers for transfer so that the estate closure is not being delayed?

If i take half of debt we paid and consider prime interest rate, plus half of rental income he received, this equally half the current value of the house. Could we justify that he must give us the half of the property he owns in lieu of this amount?

He is extremely litigous, unscrupulous and irrational. We are in need of a failsafe plan as we have already spent too much on legal fees over the years with no results.



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