Dear SirMadamIt wil be much appreciated if you could answer the following for me as I am in need of …

Dear Sir/Madam

It wil be much appreciated if you could answer the following for me as I am in need of legal council:-

I leased a small shop from in Marlands Germiston from Patrick & Patterson Brakpan and for this paid a deposit of R5 465.00.  When the keys was handed over to us by the Agent there was no inventory done by the agent nor the owner of the shop

With the permission of the agent I erected an office, wine shelves, painted and fixed the light fittings which was not working and cleaned the store which was very filthly which cost me between R15 000.00 and R20 000.00.

The Landlord sold the complex  and a new agent was appointed LPS Lorraine Property Sales.  Once again did neither of the two came to inspect the shop in question.

When we sold the business and requested our deposit back, the wife of the landlord then appeared stating that we have broken a window which we did not as a wall was build by the previous owners to cover the window nobody knew about the broken window as it was cover by an ADT” Board which board was ripped off during a heavy storm.

We immediately called the Agent and advised her she kept quite not advising the Landlord and now the landlord was deducting R875.00 from the deposit.

She also deducted R1 800.00 stating that an incorrect electrical connection was done to the cold room.  We always complaint about the electricity and they just kept ignoring us and now I have to pay for something we were not even aware of.

What action can I take against the landlord and/or the agent as I am paying for their mistakes.

If you could assist me it will be much appreciated.

Enna Kruger

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