Hello,I had highlights, a cut and blowdry at a Cape Town hair salon. When I got home and washed my h…


I had highlights, a cut and blowdry at a Cape Town hair salon.  When I got home and washed my hair – the state of the highlights was glaring.  It was a shocking job.  There were bleach splotches throughout my hair.  The highlights hadn’t been done to my scalp so there were thick black lines where the bleach hadn’t been applied to the roots. The thickness of the highlights went from thin underneath at the bottom of my hair to fat and chunky on the top.  They were yellow – when I specifically asked for Ash.  The hairstyle looked fine when I left the salon, bearing in mind low light and a blow dry covers a multitude of sins.  I am also convinced that they put a toner on my hair to cover the yellow highlights.  I had a function the next morning and had no other option but to go out and buy a box dye to cover the mess.  I approached the Salon, who offered for me to come in and have it fixed.  I declined as I wasn’t prepared to go a
second round when they’d botched the first so badly.  I also explained that there is a group of 15 close-knit stylists who I watched talking about other customers – it would have been just too intimidating going back for a second go.  I offered to meet the owner out of the salon so that she could look at my hair but she declined.  She has now offered me R600 as a refund.  I paid R1395.00.  Her price lists lists a cut and blow as R125 each.  So the presumption is that the highlights cost R1145.  Am I entitled to the full amount of the highlights as a refund or should I just accept R600.00 and chalk it up to a bad experience?  Where do I stand in terms of the Consumer Act.  I look forward to your reply.  Thank you.

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