Morning,I was a PA Office Manager for a company. In April 2014 I was retrenched and join another fir…


I was a PA / Office Manager for a company.  In April 2014 I was retrenched and join another firm.  These companies are interlinked with the same Directors, on the same premises.  I then worked for both companies, same people, same premises, just on the a new payroll.  I had worked for the same manager (“B”) since August 2006.  In May 2014, I emailed a question to B about work and his response was all about his wife’s children.  So I proceeded to respond and give my 2c worth about his wife.  She intercepted his emails and then the nastyness went down.  I ignored all her correspondance, as she thought we were having an affair, not true.  B would skype call me and let me know what he was about to do, like send me an email that would make her happy, but I mustn’t take offence.  Thereafter,  I was in tears almost every week because he’d let me know how she went off and that she wanted me fired.  I felt constantly threatened,
feeling that I might loose my work because of this. By Feb 2015, I’m uncomfortable at work and still worried, emotionally drained and stressed because this was on going.  I landed up having an affair with B, thinking it would save my position at work.  Now I know how crazy that was and regret it deeply.  This happened a couple of times, he travelled extensively. In April 2015, the company got word that they want to relocate from JHB to CPT, now I was feeling safe as I was asked to move down and agreed,  Oct it fell through.  In Feb 2016, I met with my existing boyfried and so I stopped the affair.  By April 2016 the company was told again that we’re moving, I didn’t quite believe this so wasn’t going to move forward unless a contract was in place.  By September it all became very factual.  I agreed to move down, got cold feet and disagreed.  After thought I approach the firms Partner again and said I’d move to CPT.  My manager,
who is also a Partner, then approached his Partner and told them that it was not a good idea and briefly explained his circumstances about his wife and her jealousy over me.  I was distraught and they appointed a lady from CPT and I had to carry on working from JHB with other colleagues who also decided not to move to CPT.   From the beginning I shared this with my ex manager “L” who at this stage said to me that I should go back and work for his company again.  I only found out afterwards that my current manager B had kept asking L to take me back because he was getting so much flack at home.  However, in April 2017 the Partners asked one of the managers to do an appraisal with me, which they did with the others as well, but unfortunately I was offered a retrenchment package at the same time. Fortunately, my ex manager L, re-appointed me.  I’m thankful I have work, but everyday I feel that I only have this position because it was favoured. 
Terrible working with the feelings that I’m trying to deal with. I felt I was loosing out on benefits of the company.  All this lead me into total depression.

I’ve asked my now ex manager B, for assistance in paying bills and asked him to buy shares I’m holding in one of his companies, but for more than they are worth.  This is thinking that he owes me, perhaps wrong thought, as he sees this as blackmail.  I know blackmail is a criminal offence and am holding back on sharing all the voice recordings of the two of us, with his wife.

Why I’m writing this to you, I don’t know.  At the end of the day, I should have never done what’s been done.  I am just hoping, there’s something I could gain from all this emotional turmoil with it looking like blackmail and extortion.

Thank you


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