Good DayMy story is as follows. I got myself involved in a real estate transaction in 2013. Deposits…

Good Day

My story is as follows. 

I got myself involved in a real estate transaction in 2013. Deposits were paid as stipulated on the contract.

I was instructed to pay commission to the estate agent before i had even occupied the house.

The transaction was then cancelled but nothing was refunded back to me.

The agent then got another house on sale and had to sign another contract. He confirmed that the money from the 

first transaction would then serve as a deposit on the new one.

That deal also never went through and my money was never returned up until this day.

He then got me a third house which i am now fully owning. Everything was then done by the book.

The R20 000 deposit was meant to be added onto this deal but it wasnt.  I was at a later stage

notified by the attorney that the money i had transaffered was short. We then held a meeting whereby

it was founded that the deposit has never been returned onto the attorneys trust account.

So basically the estate agent received commission for two sales that never took place as they were cancelled.

I have been liasing with the agent but to no avail. 

The estate agent turned out to be an unregistered one.

Since 2013 I have been pleading with him to repay but to no avail.

How do i get my money back.

It is R20 000 surely with interest now as its been ages.

Kind Regards

Bongiwe Matika


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