Good day I have a small dispute, which is actually wrong . so I’m a code 10 driver and so on one Fri…

Good day 

I have a small dispute, which is actually wrong . so I’m a code 10 driver and so on one Friday I loaded 102 bails of jeans from Springfield park storage city , it was loaded and invoiced too me as 102 bails , that I signed for , So the same day I delivered to Hanna road in umbilo , the receiver at that factory received his 102 bails and signed for it and gave me a copy of delivery note ,which I grave to my boss , so 3 days went by ,thereafter my boss phones and asked home did I drop of there so I told him 102 he said that someone will call me from the place I loaded from.  So nxt day the boss gave me a tracking report of the truck I was driving . so today the owner wanted to see me so I went there , took tracker report with me with my boss , so the own says that he has camera footage of 112  bails being loaded into truck so the owner of the goods stated that he knows that the dispatcher is stealing the stock and previously caught him on camera stealing stock and loading
it into a ladies  car , so the owner now thinks I’m an accomplice too the situation , so he tells me too tell him the truth and he won’t charge me he will charge his worker, honestly I just Signed for 102 bails of jeans and I dropped of at the drop off , were it was checked and signed for , so that’s wat I told the owner of the goods , he insisted I tell him the truth , and I was telling the truth the tracker report proves that I left spring field and went straight to Hanna road , showed the own that he says it doesn’t matter , so he continued too say he gonna make it easy for me , just tell him the truth , so I told him the truth is that his dispatcher loaded the 102 bails which was received by Hanna road , and that I didn’t take the 10. Bails , so the he threatened me with the footage saying that on the footage has 112 so I must tell him were I dropped the 10 bags , and he won’t charge me . but honestly didn’t no anything about the 10 bails , so they are a. Saying that I took
the ten bags and dropped it of somewhere else when I didn’t even do such  thing so I told them plz open the gate , then I told them to charge me because I have nothing too do with that . he then told me that has top lawyers and he will make sure he gets to the bottom . wat should I do in situation like this 

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