Hi there, my name is Nirvana. i’ve lived with my husband for almost a year with his dad and br…

Hi there, my name is Nirvana.

i’ve lived with my husband for almost a year with his dad and brother before we got legally married. 

2 weeks after we got married i left him due to constant emotional abuse which eventually turned into physical abuse. 

after i left him i found out i was pregnant a week later, i then advised him telephonically with his reply being a question mark. He was absent my entire pregnancy and him and his family did nothing but torture me and deformed my character as i refused to go back to live at his house with him and his family due to the abuse. i gave birth to twin girls this year on the 3rd of February 2019 and did not inform him or his family about the birth of my girls as i feared for our saftey due to the abuse. My girls where born preterm due to the emotional abuse him and his family put me through, as a result they where in high care and so was i. he then came to find out from a local pharmacy and along with his family went over to my moms house to verbally assault her for not letting them know.

He was assisting with the girls for one month, thereafter he waited for all their milk and diapers to be finished and tells me hes not doing anything for them that within the next month he will see to them for half the month and i need to see to them for the other half. 

on the 27th of april was the last he helped with the girls. His sister came home with his mom on mothers day to talk about custody over the girls and i told his sister that the girls will be living with me and I have never stopped him from coming home and visiting them. she then asked about the registration of the girls, i advised her that the girls will be registered under my name as the divorce is going to go through. 

a few days later his dad calls my mom and says that he will not be doing anything for the girls as they dont believe the girls are his and that they want paternity test done.

A few days later after i got home from work the cops where at my door to serve a restraining order against me from my  husband.

in the restraining order it states that myself and my family have been calling them and threatening them for money which is and outright lie as i have tried to avoid any contact with them and so has my family due to the abuse they have put me through during and after my pregnancy. 

To date he has not supported the girls. I recieved a letter from his lawyer requesting a paternity test a she claims he has been supporting them from the time they where born until now, he has also claimed that i was unfaithful during my marraige by moving out of his house and refusing to go back to live with them.

He is lying and extremely manipulative and abusive and im afraid if i dont get legal help hes going to do something to ruin me and i cant afford to put my kids to any emotional trauma. 

please assist.

I have 3 court cases coming up, one the 8th of July, one on the 11th of July and one on the 19th of August.

I cannot afford a lawyer and i really need help for the sake of my kids. 

I am available anytime before 9:30am, at 12:30pm to 1pm , or from 4:00pm to 4:30pm.

Thank you kindly,

Yours sincerely


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