hi thereI have become aware of a very tame and friendly Pitbull dog who lives 247 chained to a concr…

hi there

I have become aware of a (very tame and friendly) Pitbull dog who lives 24/7 chained to a concrete slab on a pavement in a run-down, semi-industrial area of Cape Town. The SPCA has several open cases of complaints but cannot act since the dog has a kennel, food and water.My question is, if the dog is not kept on private property as required by law, then can it be classified Stray, and am I entitled to take it and home it? Furthermore, it is my understanding that it is illegal to keep any structures on public property, so the kennel as well as the dog are not legal. The owner of the dog lives nearby, and has also taken up a large portion of the sidewalk with his collection of potted plants. He keeps the dog for the purpose of guarding his plants.I reference the CITY OF CAPE TOWN ANIMAL BY-LAW OF 2010. Can any of these laws be applied to remove and rehome the dog? Otherwise what other laws are there?What is the cost involved in your online service?thanksJeanne

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