To whom it may concern.I have a labour question regarding my recent dismissal from work.I was dismis…

To whom it may concern.

I have a labour question regarding my recent dismissal from work.

I was dismissed by my company MPC connect on the 30th April 2019 after pleeding guilty at a Disciplinary hearing for breach of contract. I had previously been to a disciplinary enquiry and was on an extended final warning for the same offense.

Upon breaching my contract by not entering my sesion on time, my work account was immediately suspended and I was not informed of this till I reported for duty on the next day. When my name was not on the work roster for that day. This was an inconvenience and an unnecessary cost to me as I work night shifts. I contacted my manager and I had originally stated in her office that I would resign as apposed to going to another Disciplinary hearing as I knew I would be fired. After carefull consideration I decided not to resign and let the company handle the matter in the way that it does other cases of the same kind. 

I consequently spent approximately 3 weeks of not going to work because my working account had been suspended, not being informed of my hearing date. Is this legal and do they have any justification for this action legally?

Secondly I have just recieved a payment for my leave days that I accumalated while working at the company. After this I decided to go through my employment contract to see how much does the company compensate an individual per leave day. Sad to say the comapny explains all the various leave available to a person but it does not mention  how much we are compensated per leave day. Are companys supposed to detail in their employment contracts how much they compensate employees for leave days?

I have requested a pay slip from my company which must detail the amount that I have been paid overall and the amount paid per leave day. I have not received any response from the company about when I will receive this payslip. 

I was given 30 days after the I recieved the decision from the disciplinary hearing to appeal with the CCMA, i.e. till the 30th May 2019. What I would like to know is, do I have a case to take to the CCMA? Has my company done anything wrong or illegal from what I have described in this letter ?

Thank you for reading this letter and I look forwartd to your response. I can state that all the information I have described here is as accurate as I remember it and I have not fabricated anything to make my case stronger or better. 

Kind Regards

S.L. Radebe

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