Good dayI currently have a situation where I applied to purchase a vehicle at a car dealership of wh…

Good day

I currently have a situation where I applied to purchase a vehicle at a car dealership of which my application was unsuccessful.They then offered me a leasing contract with their sister company of which the first 3yrs would be a leasing contract and thereafter another 3yrs would be a rent to own contract. Now that the 3 yrs has passed by they advised that they can no longer offer the rent to own contract as they no longer have that option available. I have been struggling for almost a year to get the rent to own contract from them. Each time I enquire, their response is either they currently don’t have that option available or it is not a viable option. I have approached the Auto Mobile Ombudsmen and NCR but unfortunately they cannot assist as this is not within their jurisdiction. In the meantime I saw the same company advertising rent to own cars on their website whereas they told me this option is not available but will contact me as soon as it is. Of which they still didn’t.
Their sister company that I initially signed up with, no longer has a website and as an existing client I can no longer log in to my online profile and it seems that they are solely operating under the new group name now. What am I to do in this situation as I constantly have to extend the lease agreement in order not to “lose” the car? Now they also sent me an e-mail to extend my lease but must do so for minimum 2 years whereas they are advertising rent to own options on their website.

This is not fair practise as they are currently advertising on their website that they have rent ot own options available but are not offering me this even though this was the initial agreement when I signed up. Why I don’t know as I have never defaulted and stuck to the terms and conditions during the 3yrs.


Tasha Lawrence  

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