My landlord recently gave me this new written contract, although we had a verbal one, about two year…

My landlord recently gave me this new written contract, although we had a verbal one, about two years ago. Due to several issues, i need to reject his contract. Is the below text appropriate?

After seeking consultation and carefully reviewing the new proposed contract, unfortunately, I regret to inform you that I cannot accept your contract. It is not a reasonable and acceptable offer. I would have gladly paid the amount you are proposing had I been staying in the room you removed me from (which was relatively big, with an air conditioner, without sharing the bathroom). I also disagree with your proposed 10 % annual rent increment. I would like to know what you are basing that on.

To this date, you failed to install a proper laundry line since I moved in two years ago. The room which I am residing in does not have proper ventilation (no air vents/air conditioning). I must improvise all the time. I approached you several times, bringing to your attention the current state of the room. After meeting with you recently, we agreed you would repair the windows on Saturday the 9th of February. However, on the day, I kept waiting for the so-called repairman to fix the windows. You offered no explanation as to why the windows were unfixed as per agreement. Once more, I still wait for you to install a bathroom for myself as per agreement.

I would also want to advise you I have a right to visitors. I don’t have to seek your permission, each time, my girlfriend wants to visit me; nor do I have to pay add-on fees (+/-R300 per day) if she decides to sleep over. In the time being, I am sticking to our verbal agreement. Until the aforementioned issues (and others) are addressed, I would be willing to negotiate a new contract. Hopefully, we will be able to work cooperatively in the foreseeable future.

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