Dear sirmadamI am currently going through a divorce from 7 years, I have primary custody off my 2 mi…

Dear sir/madam

I am currently going through a divorce from 7 years, I have primary custody off my 2 minor children now 11 and 14 have a rule 43 interim order in place . Magistrate court rand burg have for the last 7 years done nothing but reduced the rule 43! He then proceeded to take me to children’s court but I won durisdiction in high court in July 2018 but since they appealed the order nothing has happens! 

my question is how long does it take to get any information about my children’s report from social services legal aid and family advocates they had to see, my husband recently sold the matrimonial house and that left me on the street and he took kids, I have phone and been to family advocates but they just say the report is not ready the kids saw them on the 3de of October 2018,

I have humanly done everything in my power to protect my children, I thought it would be resolved quickly if we saw family advocates as they gave me primary care 7 years ago and my children have excelled in school and my daughter made head girl in 2017, they were happy how could the family advocates not see this! If it is me why doesn’t any body tell me, for I can’t take this abuse any more! Court always said he has to pay service providers witch he then controlled were we live and how long! With the expiry of my last place I moved back becouce it’s a 3 story house and it was close to December where he always went to our holiday home in free state vaaldam with kids and I went over Christmas and then came back! When I moved back his attorney send me letter saying me as the non residential parent had to give primary care to him the court kept me and children there in till the residence of children was resolved ! He then sold house and renting holiday home so I don’t know what to

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