Good DayHope you well,Please could you kindly assist.I need advice on the below incident.I was renti…

Good DayHope you well,

Please could you kindly assist.

I need advice on the below incident.

I was renting a 1 Bedroom flat. On Monday the 14th of January 2019, i returned home around 17:30pm, only to find all my belonging were thrown outside, on the same day there was a massive thunderstorm. When i got to the property i found that my neighbors were actually trying to salvage some of my belongings by moving it under the carport. The locks of the property was changed and a lot of my belongings were already damaged, what makes this even more unbearable is that i have an 11 month old baby as well a pregnant wife we were left in the rain. Basically we were left homeless. I currently have lost almost everything, i did manage to salvage maybe 20% of my belongings, which i had to put into storage. I Also only returned to work after taking 4 days leave as we had no place to to. I do admit that i was in some financial difficulties so my rent was not always paid on time, but there was never a time, but i always paid rent in the month that i was owing. i did see a letter on the
08th of January 2019 stating we must vacate the property by the 13th of January 2019 which was in 6 days time but nothing was signed.

Currently the below as effected me.

> Removal of my belongings without notification.

> Damage to my belongings caused by Rain and Negligence.> Being left with insufficient time to find accommodation.

is there any advice that i can get on how to go about this issue. I have lost almost everything and not sure on what to do.

Kind Regards,

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