Good dayI would like to know if I can take legal action against the hospital, because my brother was…

Good day
I would like to know if I can take legal action against the hospital, because my brother was taken to hospital on 4 times when he became sick. The first time the doctors examined him he was diagnosed with sugar diabetes and at the time he had a very serious cough. We went back with him for the second time because he didn’t get better, we were told that he had a long infection so he got medication for it. The third time when he was rushed to hospital after he was examined the doctors said that they do not see anything wrong with him, so he was send home with no treatment. He that became very weak at home he got a seizure and complained about having a headache. We immediately called the ambulance because I suspected that it could be meningitis my cousin’s child had the same symptoms before. I went with my brother to hospital and explained to the doctor what had happened. He was taken to a scan and they told us that he has an infection on the brain. The next day my older brother went
to visit him, they didn’t allow him to enter at recovery because they were busy draining water from the brain. Late afternoon I went with my mother to visit him and we spoke to the doctor. We told him what had happened, he told us that my younger brother had water on the brain and that it only happed with small children so it is very dangerous in his case. We asked him if it was not meningitis because of the symptoms, the doctor looked through his book and discussed it with another doctor and came back to us he told us that it could be meningitis, If it is that they can treat the following day my younger brother passed away.

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