EXTREMELY URGENT KINDLY ASSISTGood day,I bought a Circulation Tens Tech COMBO device for the managem…


Good day,

I bought a Circulation Tens Tech (COMBO) device for the management of pain and weight solutions.  It also offers an extremely wide range of acupuncture benefits (no needles, low voltage electrical nerve & muscle stimulation).

I requested permission to use such device for both personal and business use.  This was granted.  Herewith the exact wording of such letter…

“To whom it may concern,

WE, circulution company provide the customer full rights to use this product as she sees fit. This includes that she may use it in her business to relieve pain to others.”

In legal terms, what exactly does “the customer full rights” mean?

I would sincerely appreciate an URGENT response please.

Kind regards,

Sabrina Taylor

071 612 1733

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