Good Day,I’ve bought a computer from Incredible Connections on Wednesday. On Thursday they delivered…

Good Day,

I’ve bought a computer from Incredible Connections on Wednesday.  On Thursday they delivered a broken computer.  I immediately emailed them explaining I need a working computer before Sunday.  When I didn’t get a response, I phoned.  They only wanted to submit complaint tickets but this was a time-sensitive matter and even after I explained and begged they wouldn’t put me through to a manager or provide me with an email address or phone number where I can get help.  I proceeded with contacting them on the live chat, followed up with numerous phone calls,  contacted them on Facebook.  Still no help.  I relentlessly without end tried to get one of them to help me and to see that this can’t take weeks.  I needed the computer before Sunday.   They didn’t care and refused to help me in time.  I hid a brick wall with their processes. After promising me one of their head office people will contact me that didn’t happen.

I now will not have a working computer or my money back in time. And obviously I don’t want to buy from them anymore.  I want a refund.  If I fight hard and submit consumer complaints I will evential maybe get my money back.  But it is going to take months.  

Is there anything I can do because they failed to deliver in time? 

Thank You 


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