Good day,Trust you well.i would just like to find out. On Monday i bought a cheese russian at a Pick…

Good day,

Trust you well.

i would just like to find out. On Monday i bought a cheese russian at a Pick n Pay store in Bloemfontein. whilst eating i bit on sumthing and when i spit out it was a pice of metal thingy. i went around to PnP and asked about it they said that they will find out from the company and get back to me.

i went there the following day and they told me that the company where they get their russians from confirmed that it was one of their machines that broke and that it could be possible that a piece of metal could have fallen in.

Pick and pay then requested that they can give me R100 voucher or a food plate for the inconvenience caused and i refused to take it as it is unacceptable.

i went there yesterday to enquire about what is going to happen to my unhappy service, they said that the Russian company claims that it will take 3-6 weeks for them to analyse the piece of metal and after that they will have an answer for me. i believe it is unacceptable and i wont take something that small just for the whole thing to be pushed aside. by the time they are done with the “metal analyse” i won’t have a possible case to handle.

i would like to know is there something i can do about it or not.

your assistance would be highly appreciated.

kind regards



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