Good day. Please some advise.I have immigrated with my husband. I am not working. I am in process of…

Good day. Please some advise.

I have immigrated with my husband. I am not working. I am in process of selling my house in south africa. A friend of mine signed a lease agreement and we agreed he would stay in the house till house is sold. Only him and his daughter. No subleasing and rent to be paid on time.

I allowed him early by 3 days as we left and he promised to ensure all monies would in my accountas per agreement stated the  31 Janaury. As well as money he borrowed from me as well.

 To date the following has happened.

I have asked numerous times for payment via messages and calls and nothing.Loads of promises and I will not let you down but non the less. Then i was informed that he had let someone else into the property and is now living there and to date have found out there are in fact two people extra. When I confronted him initially he lied and said no then afterwards has admitted to one. I told him he would pay me for storage and for the short period the friend is there but that also the friend has to move out as not to agreement. 

He said no. I cant make the rules. I said but that is as per agreement signed.

To date I have the following outstanding, Rental February, Money borrowed, Late penalty, Penalty for friend and storage, March rental and penalty for late and still to be billed is water and lights which I am getting tomorrow. I have sent letters and messages which all have been saved and also sent a letter of notice on the first stating he had to be out end of the month and all monies needs to be paid.

Firslty i would ike to know that I have done everything from my side correctly. Then will unfortunate costs now I have been forced to fly back to ensure he gets out. Can I go with a friend to ensure he is out and what about monies needing to be paid. Can i get him out with my friend and if so who else shoudl I take with me. Also with money should I go to lawyer which is going to cost me which I dont have and also keep in mindin the lease agreement it is stated should legal costs be implicated he would be liable.

Please I urgently need advise so I can get this person off my property and get all the mney owed to me.

Also keep in mind I am and can only be in the country for a week at the most.

Please urgent urgent advise.

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