Good day. Let me give some background info and then ask my question. We move into a town house in Ju…

Good day. Let me give some background info and then ask my question. We move into a town house in June 2015 whereby there were explained that for electricity there is a submeter and we should pay the lardlord mother and she will then provide tokens to load on the submeter. During the 2 and a half years stay we had several incidents where the landlord said the meter is incorrect and we advised to check with the meter company or remove the meter to avoid any issues for the landlord. There was a meeting in December 2017 between the us, the landlord and the agent where there was clearly stated that the meeter should be removed, however the landlord needs to pay the municipal account first as we cannot pay both for the submeter and the municipal account except if a detailed calculations can be done as the one is a prepaid meter and the other a post reading. During January 2017, the landlord withheld the tokens of the submeter (of which R600 tokens are still outstanding) which
resulted in the submeter cutting the electricity. This was communicated with the agency who confirmed that it is viewed as a breach of contract. There was an exit inspection done between us and the agency (landlord not present) and the agency found that there was no damage to the property. Now, the seven day period for repayment of the deposit has expired as the landlord is disputing everything from the electricity to the exit inspection although the agents repeatedly told her that the deposit needs to be paid. All the landlords claims has not one come with evidence and was actually very insulting. We do not want to drag all of this out. For how long can the landlord instruct the agents to keep the deposit before she is legally required to lodge a complaint at the housing tribunal council/court? 

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