Good Day,In October this year a legal dispute ensued between my brother and my husband regarding our…

Good Day,

In October this year a legal dispute ensued between my brother and my husband regarding our business. My husband originally owned the property but after my father died he agreed to help us finish the build of the property as my mother was staying on the property and refused to leave a my father was burried close by.

After running a business on the property for now 9 years and after the passing of my mother in Feb 2017 my brother basically forced his way onto the property with his lawyer in tow declaring that the property and the business belongs to him (my husband signed the business into a trust (of wich my husband is a trustee) that my brother created for “safe” keeping, my husband also only did so on condition that my brother relocate us to another country, he agreed to this and we proceeded to sign the business into th trust, this never happened although we have conversations and agreement on email where my brother agrees to this).  

In fear for my 7 year old sons safety I left the property, when my brother proceeded to lay theft charges against me for usin a company vehicle. He also proceeded to lay further charges against myself and my husband for theft charges for goods that were alegedly on the property that are now not there (some of the items were blatently false some were discarded years ago, with his knowladge).

We have not been allolwed back on the property were we have lived for the past nine years, they have since broken into our home removed our stuff and is now renting the house out to guests. I have been trying to access of my house try and retrieve our beloning as neither myself nor my 7 year old has any clothes, other that the clothes I havre tried replacing. I need to retrieve our belongings and I do not know how to go about doing so. The police refere us to the court, the court referes us to the investigating officer (of wich I heard roomers he was bribed by my brother, but this I cannot prove) and he just denies us access.

Please assist, I now do not know what to do, our current lawyer is concentrating on proving ownership of the property and is not assisting us in retrieving our belonings. I NEED ADVISE.


A Very Concerned Me

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